Gun Reform Update: Call Congress

There is a flurry of gun law reform bills filed in Congress! Please take 5 minutes from your day to call your Senators and Representative to support universal background checks and gun violence research. What’s ahead: Jan 24 (Thursday) Support MA student action at the State House for youth voting rights. Jan 26 (Saturday) Operation

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Take Action to support these bills in Congress!

Take Action for House Bill H.R.8  Call your Federal Representative to support H.R 8, a bill for Universal Background Checks on all guns sales. “Thirty-one states do not currently require background checks for all gun sales.  If passed, this law would save countless lives by preventing dangerous individuals from accessing firearms without inconveniencing law-abiding gun

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Gun Reform Update: Words Matter

We agree with Grandparents Aganist Gun Violence that words matter! Use their handy thesaurus the next time you shoot the breeze, or in other words, have a chat. What’s ahead: Jan 15 -23 (Wednesdays) Lobby days for gun safety at the Rhode Island State Capitol Jan 15-April 9 Exhibit Guns: Loaded Conversations at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell. Feb 28 (Thursday) MFOL new

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Gun Reform Update: H.R.8 for Universal Background Checks

The House Democrats will introduce H.R.8 today in honor of Gabby Giffords. What’s ahead: Jan 9 -23 (Wednesdays) Lobby days for gun safety at the Rhode Island State Capitol Jan 15 (Tuesday) MA Coalition to Prevent GV first quarterly meeting March 28 (Thursday) MA Coalition to Prevent GV Peace MVP Award Across the Nation 5 gun violence prevention

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Fast Facts About Gun Violence

This compilation of facts is a one-page informational document that covers facets of gun violence and provides at-a-glance statistics,  including gun violence in MA.  

Gun Reform Update: 116th Congress

It’s a New Year and a new Congress! The 116th Congress convenes this week on Thursday, January 3rd. Upcoming events: Jan 2 -23 (Wednesdays) Lobby days for gun safety at the Rhode Island State Capitol. Across the Nation Conceal Carry Reciprocity S.446 runs out of time and other key turning points for gun reform activism. 13 gun

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2018 Holiday Edition

Thank you for your continued support of Stop Handgun Violence. We depend on generous supporters like you to help us continue to save lives and make Massachusetts a national model for gun violence prevention. This year with your support: we engaged the new student movement with a student lobby day and town halls to hold our elected officials accountable. we supported the

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Mrs C. Goes to Washington

I became an activist in the gun violence prevention (GVP) cause after the Sandy Hook shooting where 20 children and 6 caregivers were gunned down in their school. It was this mass shooting six years ago today that became my tipping point. It was their young lives that I said ENOUGH. So, I marched in

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Gun Reform Update: Sandy Hook 6th Year Remembrance

We send our love and support to the Newtown, CT community as they remember the horrific shooting that happened 6 years ago today. Since then, over 200,000 lives have been lost due to gun violence in schools, malls, churches, temples and urban neighborhoods. In Massachusetts, we have the lowest gun deaths in the country because of

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Please Act Now!

Select the below link to contribute what you can to help us prevent firearm violence through public awareness, sensible legislation and support for law enforcement - without banning guns.