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Editorial: Silence not golden / by Boston Herald Editorial Staff (11/18/17)

The Boston Herald Editorial staff published a piece opposing the removal of a ban on private possession of silencers in Massachusetts, citing testimony from Stop Handgun Violence founder John Rosenthal.

“John Rosenthal, founder of the nonprofit Stop Handgun Violence, told the committee, ‘Don’t be fooled by thinking that somehow the silencer bill is a hearing protection act. It is not.’

‘I can tell you as a gun owner who has hunted, nobody hunts or shoots at a range without hearing protection. It’s a fraud being played on you guys and across the country,’ he added.

And then, of course, there was the testimony of the head of American Suppressor Association who insisted the use of silencers was subject to ‘common misconceptions,’ adding in fact the shots can still sound as loud as a jackhammer.

Now, silly us, but doesn’t that beg the question about why anyone would need one in the first place?

They would clearly make hunting more dangerous for non-hunters and their possible use in urban hunting grounds would be even more horrifying. If ever there were a step backward the state did not need to take, this is it.”

Texas shooting and gun control politics / The Take with Sue O’Connell (11/8/17)

John Rosenthal, founder of Stop Handgun Violence, reacts to the shooting in Texas and calls for a boycott of Shaw’s, Star Market, Osco, and Steward Health over their ties to the gun industry.

“You have to go through major gyrations…to figure out what you’re investing in, but in the case of guns it’s even harder. And the grandaddy of them all is Cerberus Capital Management… it’s a Wall Street equity firm that owns Bushmaster assault rifles, owns 20% of the entire gun industry, gives the most money to the NRA and members of Congress that support their extreme policies. They own Shaw’s Markets, Star Market, Osco Drug, and believe or not the third largest employer in Massachusetts: St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Steward Healthcare… That company… should be boycotted out of business.”

 Numbers show gun control laws are working / by Erin Tiernan (10/13/17) 

In states with stricter gun laws, fewer people are dying. Features extensive interview with Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal.

“The NRA wants undetected access to guns for criminals because more unrestricted access to guns by criminals creates more gun violence. More gun violence creates more fear, and more fear especially like that after Sandy Hook, Pulse, and Las Vegas, creates more gun sales.”

 Massachusetts Has Become ‘the NRA’s Worst Nightmare’ / by Eleanor Clift (10/9/17)

Want proof that tighter gun laws work, and that mostly Republican governors and Democratic legislators can work together to buck the NRA and pass them? Check out Massachusetts, where gun deaths are down 60 percent since 1994.

U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal talk about the effectiveness of gun laws in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and tell the SHV origin story.

“We’ve become the NRA’s worst nightmare,” says Rosenthal. “We’re an urban industrial state with the most effective gun laws, and we’ve reduced the rate of gun deaths.”

Irish-American politician says Massachusetts proves gun control moves work / by James Wilson (10/11/17)

Continuing the work done in the Daily Beast, Irish Central tells the SHV origin story and quotes co-founder John Rosenthal.

In true blue Massachusetts the Republicans’ triumph in the 1994 elections galvanized gun control advocates and the Stop Handgun Violence (SHV) campaign was founded by businessman John Rosenthal and the late Michael Kennedy, whose father, RFK, and uncle, JFK, are the two most famous victims of gun crime since Lincoln. For the next four years the SHV campaign spearheaded a media and public education effort that culminated in the Massachusetts Gun Control Act of 1998.

 Mass. ban on bump stocks on the fast track / by Martin Finucane (10/6/17)

In the wake of the Las Vegas Strip mass shooting, legislators and activists discuss the likelihood of a ban on bump stocks passing in Massachusetts.

“Any restrictions on aftermarket accessories that can be purchased over the Internet without detection to make semiautomatic weapons automatic weapons is a positive step,” said Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal.

Time to Get Serious About Guns / by Scott Mackay (10/6/17)

Rhode Island Public Radio’s political analyst urges state and federal legislators to get tougher on guns.

“We are the NRA’s worst nightmare,” says John Rosenthal, co-founder of Massachusetts-based Stop Handgun Violence. He adds, “We have proven that gun laws work.”

 Make gun safety a state fight, too / by Scot Lehigh (10/3/17)

An examination of past and present attempts to strengthen gun safety laws at the state level. Features quotes from Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal and board member Ben Clements.

“The police chiefs are in a position to know the people in a community who are not suitable to have a gun because of a history of dangerousness, even if it doesn’t include convictions,” noted attorney Ben Clements, a Stop Handgun Violence board member who has successfully defended Massachusetts gun laws in court.

 The Latest on the Las Vegas Shooting / by Dan Rea (10/2/17)

Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal and other distinguished guests speak with Dan Rea on WBZ Radio Nightside about how to prevent mass shootings, amid live updates about the Las Vegas Strip shooting.

“We ask our police to protect us, but we don’t protect them… Police are given 13-17 rounds in their service weapons. Criminals and the dangerously mentally-ill can go to gun shows or private gun dealers and buy 100-round magazines.”

 Chris Pinto and John Rosenthal (10/2/17)


In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, Boston Herald Radio talked to Chris Pinto of Massachusetts Gun Rights and then John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence to get both sides of an issue that really only has one side.

“Our Congress cares more about blood-money campaign contributions than they care about public health and safety from preventable gun violence. This does not happen in other countries, and there are plenty of mentally-ill people all over the world. We just happen to arm them with automatic and semi-automatic weapons of war without detection. And that’s a choice we make.”



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