MA Gun Reform Updates

A New Administration!

We are hopeful that federal legislation will be a priority for the new administration that included gun violence prevention as part of their campaign platform. Even without legislation, a host of executive orders for gun control could save lives. Listen to a previously recorded Brady podcast, “What the Biden Administration Means for Gun Violence Prevention.” In the News: Right-wing militia

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Our Democracy is vulnerable.

We witnessed an attack rooted in white supremacy and privilege at our Capitol last Wednesday. It also showed the vulnerability of our Democracy. NPR provides a timeline summary on that fateful day that has now resulted in 5 people dead. Business Insider also shared a pictorial timeline that depicts the destruction and violence inside the Capitol. As horrific as it was,

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Cheers to a New Year!

Happy New Year and THANK YOU to all who donated to our 2020 year end appeal! We are grateful that so many of you remain committed to our cause. With your financial support, we are able to continue to do the life-saving work of gun violence prevention and awareness. Early voting in Georgia’s special election surpasses

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Take Action Today!

There’s still time to help get our priority bill on the floor for a vote. Please contact your legislator to support H.2045/S.1388 An Act Relative To Crime Gun Data Reporting and Analysis. This bill will require a detailed analysis of MA crime gun trace data to better understand the origins of crime guns. Contact your

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We are in the final stretch! Take action to bring our priority bill on the floor for a VOTE. Please contact your own state legislators today, Wednesday December 2, 2020, to ask them to support H.2045/S.1388 An Act Relative To Crime Gun Data Reporting and Analysis. This bill will require a detailed analysis of MA

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In 2018, young people across the country marched for an end to gun violence. Now, they’re old enough to VOTE and marching to the polls in record breaking numbers. Massachusetts Election Day Poll Hours: 7am-8pm ##

Voter suppression happening

VOTER SUPPRESSION The FBI is investigating arson at a ballot box in front of the Boston Public Library. The last collection before the fire at the Copley Square box was ~2:30 pm on Saturday, 10/24. Nearly 122 ballots were found inside, and Secretary Galvin said most were intact to be processed. We encourage all voters to track their mail-in ballot for

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MA voter registration deadline

In the News: Shareholder group of Nuns ask Smith & Wesson to consider the impact of gun violence. A mass shooting in Arizona – a family of seven shot, tragically the baby died. South Floridian man arms himself with an AR-15 and handgun while visiting Disney World. Kenosha shooter won’t face charges in home state Illinois. Giffords launches a National Gun Owners organization to counter the NRA.

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Early Voting

Early Voting has started!               Check if your state offers early voting here. Massachusetts voters have the option to vote with mail-in ballot OR in-person for early voting. Dates & times vary per town/city. Virginia voter registration down on the last day of voter registration deadline. Appeals court reinstates Governor Abbott’s order reducing TX ballot boxes to one

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Mobilize with Music

We are Ready to Mobilize with Music this Wednesday at 7:30pm For the full list of performers and to make donations click here: Then please watch the VP debate. And most importantly, VOTE. VOTE FOR GUN SAFETY #VoteForUs Gen Z voters are mobilizing voter turnout. Giffords reports on armed voter intimidation and harassment for each state. The Coalition to

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Please Act Now!

Select the below link to contribute what you can to help us prevent firearm violence through public awareness, sensible legislation and support for law enforcement - without banning guns.