MA Gun Reform Updates

A Triple for #SHV25

Read up on more Board Members! Kyle Kennedy Kerr, a board member since 2015. Oedipus, a founding board member. Jerry Belair, a founding board member. ​Don’t forget your tickets to celebrate with our fabulous board members, plus  Rosanne Cash, Attorney General Healey, Senator Markey, Mayor Walsh, Speaker DeLeo, Survivors, Student Activists and many others at #SHV25! Be recognized

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Double Your Impact #SHV25 Challenge

Double Your Impact #SHV25 Challenge John is matching all donations to Stop Handgun Violence in honor of #SHV25 anniversary! Donate here for his Double Your Impact challenge.       News Highlights: Gun violence fears sparks workplace safety reviews. Listen to David Hemenway on podcast: Who Can Solve America’s Gun Problem? Stand your ground laws does more

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Meet Barbara & Ben

Join John’s #SHV25 Double Your Impact Fundraising Challenge! News Highlights: The White House administration won’t support universal background checks. 145 CEO’s call on the Senate to vote on gun reform bills. Mass shooters exploit known gaps in the U.S. background check system. Bank of America stops financing manufacturers of military style guns. MSNBC to moderate the Gun

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Weekly Update: Meet Lisa and David

Meet Lisa, a new board member this year. Read about her here       News Highlights: States with lower gun ownership and stronger gun laws have the lowest suicide rates. Research shows restrictions on assault weapons and high capacity magazines help prevent mass shooting fatalities. Understanding the sunset of the 1994 Assault Weapons ban. Record contributions are received in Florida

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Meet John, co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence

From “No Nukes” to “ENOUGH”, there’s no doubt John Rosenthal has passion and compassion to do what’s right. Read more about John and join him to celebrate 25 years of Stop Handgun Violence!       On our Calendar: Sep 11 (Wed) Stop Handgun Violence Volunteer Meet Up; RSVP. Sep 13 (Fri) BPeace protest rally at Smith &

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Looking to get involved? Join us at a volunteer meet up.

Come out to our first Volunteer Meet Up in Arlington next week! Learn about what we do and how you can join the movement to end gun violence. Please RSVP, thanks! News Highlights: Shooter in Odessa bought assault-style rifle via private sale. Walmart announced changes in sales of ammunition and open carry. Kroger followed suit to stop open carry in

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Gun Reform Update: Support us at the State House

This Wednesday, Stop Handgun Violence will testify to support various gun reform bills such as closing a private sale loophole that still exists in Massachusetts. Come out to support us at the MA State House committee hearing – more details below. On our calendar: Aug 28 (Wed) MA committee hearing on state gun reform bills. Sep 4 (Wed) Suicide

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Gun Reform Update: Debating Gun Control

Will the Politics of Gun Control Shift This Time? Watch John Rosenthal, gun owner and co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence, discuss background checks and more in a lively debate with Jim Braude at WGBH.   Meet Matt, a veteran Board member since 1995 and he tells us why he joined SHV: “Without a focused, organized

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Gun Reform Update: What Can You Do?

Meet Gail, our newest Board Member and an activist for gun violence prevention for over 3 years. She’s taking action with us and you can, too! Read more about Gail and join her with our community partners at some upcoming events listed below.   What can you do? Tell Congress ENOUGH! It’s time for comprehensive background checks and

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The first weekend in August was the deadliest 72 hours in over two years. Tell Congress Enough is Enough. We need to act now to prevent future tragedies, including banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, requiring background checks for all gun sales and passing a nationwide extreme risk protective order bill.  Sign our petition

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Please Act Now!

Select the below link to contribute what you can to help us prevent firearm violence through public awareness, sensible legislation and support for law enforcement - without banning guns.