MA Gun Reform Updates

4 years ago a March for Our Lives

Four years ago, David Hogg and others founded March for Our Lives, a nationwide march to end gun violence. The march was the largest single-day gathering of individuals in support of gun violence prevention. Jim Braude of WGBH Greater Boston brings our founder John Rosenthal and David together, to discuss lobbying Congress to pass gun

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Now >100 mass shootings in 2022

Gun Violence Archive reports : With seven mass shootings yesterday and overnight, the U.S. has now reached over 100 mass shootings in 2022. The complete list here. Shootings last weekend: One dead and 28 injured at an Arkansas car show. In Miami, 5 injured in shootings on Ocean Dr. Three dead and multiple injured at a hotel in North Carolina. Texas Roundup: Four

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Celebrate Women History Month

Celebrating women who have cleared a path for MORE women to move forward. #WomenHistoryMonth In our Newsfeed: In Georgia, a 16-year old arrested for fatally shooting an employee at a car dealership. In Iowa, a drive-by shooting at a high school leaves one teen dead, two injured and 6 teens arrested. In Kansas, a former police officer was sentenced for a 2019

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Gun Violence is the leading cause of death for Black males under 55.

In case you missed it: John Rosenthal responds to the continued rise in gun sales in Massachusetts. Jury in the Ahmaud Arbery federal trial found all 3 men guilty of hate crimes. Judge rules that the Crumbley’s will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter in the Michigan HS shooting. JAMA reports out that Stand Your Ground Laws caused increased homicides and should be reconsidered

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Remington settlement an important milestone.

The Sandy Hook families achieve a major victory against Remington Firearms with a $73 million settlement.   On Our Radar: Giffords annual report card issued Massachusetts an A-. We can do more, starting with ghost guns. Illinois gun manufacturer, WEE1 Tactical, continues to target youth with their JR15 weapon using irresponsible marketing. Change the Ref, March for our Lives and Guns

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Remember Parkland

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the Parkland Massacre. Valentines Day will always be a reminder of the 17 lives senselessly gunned down that day. We honor their lives and survivors with action. Here are two bills to support: MA bills: H.4303/S.2607 An Act to Prevent Mass Shootings are in MA Judiciary Committee Congressional bills HR.825/S.281 Gun Violence

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Massachusetts Ranks #49

New data was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on gun deaths per capita in each state. It’s no surprise that states with strong gun laws and lower gun ownership ranked last for gun deaths per capita.   In the News: It’s no accident that Massachusetts consistently ranks at or near the

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Another chance to support An Act to Prevent Mass Shootings

Massachusetts residents: Be sure to send your message of support for An Act to Stop Mass Shootings today: An Act to Stop Mass Shootings. Committees will be making key decisions about the future of proposed bills by Wednesday. In the News: Community gun violence prevention programs have positive results in Boston. One person died after a gun shooting at the Braintree South Shore Mall.

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Action Alert!

Did you know that assault weapons made in Massachusetts were used in the Parkland school shooting, the Aurora movie theater shooting and many others? This week, we joined with victims of these shootings to ask our state legislators to prohibit the manufacture of assault weapons in our state. These weapons cannot be sold to civilians

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MA ERPO Law under utilized

In the News: Massachusetts ERPO law is under utilized. 16 year-old girl a victim of gun violence in Boston. Before the Denver shooting spree, the gunman wrote about it in a book. Georgia governor wants to loosen handgun carry laws. Ahmaud Aurbrey killers are all sentenced to life in prison. A 15 year-old Maryland teen fatally shoots his mother and sibling and injures his father. Michigan

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