Gun Reform Update: A New Look

You may notice a change in our newsletter but the mission to end gun violence remains the same for all of us at Stop Handgun Violence. It’s easy to join us and take action for gun violence prevention and awareness! Add your name to our letter to Congress to reject the Trump Adminstrations’ attempt to weaken Firearms Export control.

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Gun Reform Update: A Walk for Peace

We walked for peace on Mother’s Day with hundreds to support Louis D. Brown Peace Institute. We thank them for their work in supporting families after trauma and send heartfelt congratulations for their 25 years of service in the community! June is Gun Violence Awareness Month: June 1 (Sat) Student mural project for Gun Violence

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Gun Reform Update: #Ban3DGuns

Another school shooting in Colorado; several injured, one student dead and a community in trauma. Last week in Boston, four shot and one dead. Honor their lives with action and attend an upcoming event listed below or share our new campaign to ban 3D firearms. Make a difference today. What’s ahead: May 11 (Sat) Gun

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Gun Reform Update: #HonorwithAction for #UNCC

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families in the aftermath of the deadly shooting at University of North Carolina – Charlotte campus. We promise to #HonorWithAction for #UNCC. What’s ahead: May 2 (Thu) School shootings and activism with Greg Gibson in Newburyport. May 4 (Sat) Time Magazine presents ‘Guns in America’ in Falmouth.

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Gun Reform Update: More Events!

Now you can easily find upcoming events to support Stop Handgun Violence on our website. This week a private screening of 91% and so much more – find it here! What’s ahead: April 25 (Thu) Watch the 91% private screening with film director, John Richie. April 27 (Sat) Disarming: Memorial Quilts for Mass Shooting Victims exhibit in Arlington. April 30 (Tue)

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Gun Reform Update: Watch 91% Private Screening

As we remember Virginia Tech 12 years ago today and Columbine nearly 20 years past, we choose to honor with action. Join our private screening of 91% to support the work we do to end gun violence. What’s ahead: April 20 (Sat) March For Our Lives Pioneer Valley launches in Northampton. April 22 (Mon) March For Our Lives:Springfield fundraiser.

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Gun Reform Update: On Instagram

Get on Instagram and follow @StopHandguns and @MFOLBoston! Hear from March For Our Lives: Boston youth on Friday night Instagram live streams beginning this week on April 12th. What’s ahead: April 20 (Sat) March For Our Lives Pioneer Valley launch first meeting in Northampton. April 22 (Mon) March For Our Lives:Springfield fundraiser. April 25 (Thur) Support Stop

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Gun Reform Update: Dear Congress

Stop Handgun Violence +221 advocates signed a letter to Congress for gun violence research. Read the full letter here. What’s ahead: April 6 (Sat) Operation Liptstick Grand Opening in Boston. April 9 (Tues) March For Our Lives: Boston public meeting in Boston. April 22 (Mon) March For Our Lives:Springfield fundraiser. April 25 (Thur) Support Stop Handgun Violence

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Now is the Time for Gun Violence Research

In 2018, nearly 40,000 people died from gun violence in our country. We cannot deny that gun violence is a public health epidemic. It’s time for Congress to act now to address it. Stop Handgun Violence plus 221 organizations advocating to prevent gun violence urge Congress to appropriate 50 million dollars in the FY 2020

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Gun Reform Update: March For Our Lives

A year ago, we joined the March For Our Lives protest with students in Washington D.C. and across the nation. Since then, Stop Handgun Violence has continued to support the youth in the region to strengthen their activism for gun violence prevention. What’s ahead: March 28 (Thur) MVP Peace Award night in Wellesley. April 3 (Wed) Extreme Risk Protective Order

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Please Act Now!

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