Concert Across America 2020

Save the date for Concert Across America 2020 streaming on our Facebook Page October 7th! In the News: After 6 weeks of silence, Governor Baker calls on legislators to move on a Police Reform bill. Father of two died after being shot outside his home in Lowell. Two Los Angeles county sheriff deputies shot in their vehicles. A Black student attending

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#VOTEFORUS – get your bumpah sticker!

We are on a mission to share Joaquin’s message. Donate $5 or more to get your #VOTEFORUS bumper sticker!       ELECTION DAY IS 2 MONTHS AWAY John Rosenthal sets the record straight on what’s at stake this election. Spoiler alert- it’s NOT gun ownership. 71% of college students plan to VOTE this year. Tufts University is on a mission

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Gun violence in Kenosha

Police Violence + Armed Vigilante = Death in Kenosha Jacob Blake, another victim of violence by police, is paralyzed after being shot in the back several times by an officer. To make matters worse in Kenosha, three people were shot and two died at a Black Lives Matter protest. The assailant was a 17-year old white male, who walked away from

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Spread the message #VOTEFORUS

Election Day 2020 draws near. How will you make them count? We’re working on getting out the vote on gun violence prevention. Last week, we put up a new billboard in Boston, pictured above, to remind folks to vote for those we’ve lost due to gun violence. We also put up billboards in Atlanta (below),

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Are You Ready for September 1st Primary?

In the News: Winthrop man made illegal ghost guns and 3,000 rounds of ammunition. California court of appeals reverses ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. A Florida mother was shot during her child’s online Zoom class. New York AG James explains the dissolution lawsuit against the NRA. NRA loses NY lawsuit on gun store closures during pandemic. Former NRA Chief of Staff to release Tell-All book of ‘waste and

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Get the message out #VOTEFORUS

Stop Handgun Violence and Change the Ref unveiled a new billboard designed by artist Manuel Oliver, the father of 17-year-old Joaquin Oliver, killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The billboard‘s stark message and hashtag #VOTEFORUS is on display at 50 Dalton St., Boston MA. Read more here. With your help, we can share this important message to other

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STATEMENT: Response to NY lawsuit to dissolve NRA

Stop Handgun Violence Founder on New York Attorney General Suit to Dissolve the National Rifle Association Boston – In response to the lawsuit by New York Attorney General Letitia James to dissolve the National Rifle Association, Stop Handgun Violence founder, John Rosenthal, made the following statement: “For over 25 years, I have been fighting against the

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Update: MA Public Safety Reform Bills

UPDATE: Massachusetts public safety reform bills will continue negotiations into August. Meanwhile, last Friday Governor Lamont signed into law police reform bills in Connecticut. Gun violence in a pandemic. Jason Brandao died from his injuries. He was the 38th victim to gun violence in Boston this year. Florida man shoots and kills a Burger King employee. The Austin, TX driver incited violence with protestors. El

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A month of gun violence

Gun Violence in Massachusetts As the death and injury count rise, we see this list as more than data. Each victim is a family member, a friend and a child to a grieving parent. In Revere, Yaseen Butt 20-years old was shot and killed. In Stoughton, Christian Vines 17-years old was shot and killed. In Kentucky, armed gun-rights group march at anti-racism

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Massachusetts models success for gun violence prevention

It’s not by coincidence that Massachusetts has the second lowest gun death rate in the U.S. and has successfully reduced gun deaths by 40% over the past 25 years. We have taken a three-prong approach to reducing and preventing gun injuries and deaths for the Commonwealth. Read our full report here. Research is vital. Thank

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Please Act Now!

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