CDC Director speaks out on gun violence

September 7, 2021

For the first time in decades, the director of the CDC – the nation’s top public health agency – is speaking out forcefully about gun violence in America, calling it a “serious public health threat.”


In Other News:

  • Winthrop, MA case raises the question, should you know if your neighbor owns a gun?
  • 14-year old in Danbury, Connecticut arrested in connection with mall shooting.
  • In Florida, a toddler finds a loaded gun and fatally shoots mother during a video conference call.
  • The Iron Pipeline: Watch how illegal guns keep pouring into New York.
  • Now most Texans will be able to carry handguns in public without going through training or permits.
  • The City of Kenosha and its police and county sheriff’s departments are being sued by the Huber family for openly conspired with White militia members, which gave them “license … to wreak havoc and inflict injury.”
  • Court allows former vendor, Ackerman, case to move forward against the NRA.
  • Over half a million guns flow from the United States into Mexico each year. Does US immunity for Gun Manufacturers apply extraterritorially?

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  • Concert Across America to benefit States United to Prevent Gun Violence on Wednesday, October 6th at 8pm



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