We Sent Trump & Congress a Graphic Wake-Up Call

December 1, 2017

by John Rosenthal

We seem to be getting numb to mass shootings in America. The statements from our nation’s leaders are the same, hollow sentiments. So, we decided to send a graphic wake-up call to President Trump and nearly 300 members of Congress who have sided with the gun lobby in opposing common sense gun safety laws.

This will come in the form of a mailed “invitation” to enact national laws that protect American citizens from additional mass shootings.

The invitation–sent to the White House and Congressional offices in Washington, DC–bears grim photos of the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting that killed 58 people and injured more than 500, and reads: “You are invited… to wipe the blood off your hands and end mass shootings.”

The invitation includes a request to “RSVP before another mass shooting,” providing recipients with two RSVP choices:

  • “I will vote in favor of background checks for all gun sales and renew the federal ban on military style assault weapons;” or
  • “I will continue to put gun lobby blood money above American lives”

Below a photo of young, blood-covered victims in Las Vegas, it adds, “When you RSVP, imagine these are your kids,” and concludes with the message: “Enact national gun violence prevention policies. Act now.”

We know these images are shocking and gruesome, but we can’t sit silently and watch nothing get done when people are dying.

WARNING: these images contain bloody victims of gun violence and are not for the faint of heart. Only click if you want to see the very GRAPHIC invitation.

Congress and President Trump are culpable for the dangerous and nonsensical gun policies that make daily mass shootings inevitable, leaving an average of 100 Americans dead and over 100 injured from gun violence every day in the US–with 158,000 dead just since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 and over 1 million killed since 1980.

Clearly, Congress and the President have blood on their hands. They’ve allowed guns to be sold in 33 states without criminal background checks and abdicated on their responsibility to renew the federal ban on military style weapons and large capacity magazines–the weapons of choice for mass shooters.

What could they do? Look to Massachusetts’ model. Our urban Commonwealth enacted the nation’s strongest gun safety policies, reduced the rate of gun deaths by 60 percent since 1994, and now has the lowest gun death rate in the country–proving that gun safety laws work to save lives without banning most guns.

Our mailing to President Trump and members of Congress contains shocking images–no doubt. What’s also shocking is that people in a position to do something about these gruesome, heart-wrenching, preventable killings continue to prioritize gun lobby blood money campaign contributions over human lives, regardless of how many tragedies occur.

We are hoping to shock members of Congress and President Trump to their senses and mobilize the majority of Americans who support common sense gun policies to hold them accountable, before another mass shooting occurs.

Thank you for reading and for supporting our organization. We needed to take a drastic action.


John Rosenthal
Founder, Stop Handgun Violence


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