Debating Gun Control

August 20, 2019

Will the Politics of Gun Control Shift This Time?

Watch John Rosenthal, gun owner and co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence, discuss background checks and more in a lively debate with Jim Braude at WGBH.


Meet Matt, a veteran Board member since 1995 and he tells us why he joined SHV:

“Without a focused, organized group of citizens offering a platform, it seems common sense was in danger of being lost.”

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Meet Melissa, a SHV board member who recognizes the epidemic of gun violence.

“Gun violence is a pervasive issue in communities across our country… and thoughts and prayers are no longer enough.”

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What Defines a Generation?

Nate, a high school student activist who marched 50 miles to protest Smith & Wesson with us last year, shares his story growing up in the epidemic of gun violence as the ‘lockdown generation’.



On Our Calendar:

  • Aug 21 (Wed) Behind the Bullet private showing in Brookline.
  • Aug 28 (Wed) MA committee hearing on state gun reform bills.
  • Sep 4 (Wed) Suicide Prevention Talk for firearm owners.
  • Sep 14 (Sat) Grandmothers Against Gun Violence rally.
  • Sep 15 (Sun) A Concert Across America benefit in Lexington.
  • Sep 25 (Wed) Free Concert Across America in Hyannis.
  • Oct 24 (Thu) Stop Handgun Violence 25th Anniversary Party!



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