Gun Violence – the forgotten epidemic

March 9, 2020

Gun Violence is an epidemic.

Our country faces many kinds of epidemics and public health crises that require our immediate attention. The reaction to COVID-19 versus gun violence in our community is stark and disturbing.

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Gun Control & Reform in the States

  • The Springfield community reacts to multiple shootings last month.
  • In California, a UPS employee arrested after mass shooting threats.
  • Colorado Congressman tweets video of AR-15 as a challenge to Biden.
  • Fatal shooting over a mall parking space in Atlanta.
  • Tennessee gun violence rate among youth doubles over the last decade.
  • Santa Fe, Texas High School approves guns in classrooms.
  • Background check on all gun sales on its way to Virginia Governor.
  • Washington legislature creates office focused on reducing gun violence.

National News & The Gun Industry

  • Country Music Hall of Fame cancels NRA annual fundraiser.
  • Children share their stories on active shooter drills.
  • CDC firearm injuries data is unreliable, but is there better?
  • Senators questions Zuckerberg on Facebook gun sales.
  • Google refuses to remove videos of Alison Parker’s murder.
  • Everytown endorses Democratic candidate Joe Biden.



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