October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 31, 2019

On Our Calendar

  • Nov 6 (Wed) A public health approach to gun violence.
  • Nov 18 (Mon) Gun Violence Panel in Needham.
  • Nov 14 (Thu) Maine Gun Safety Coalition Fitzgerald Award in Portland.
  • Nov 16 (Sat) 91% Screening hosted by Grandmothers on Cape Cod.
  • Nov 18 (Mon) MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence quarterly meeting.
  • Nov 22 (Fri) LDB Peace Institute Victims Awareness Month opening Ceremony.
  • Dec 11 (Wed) Annual vigil to end gun violence.
  • Dec 11 (Wed) Screening Parkland Rising documentary in Brookline.

#SHV25 Triple challenge continues to the end of the day!

Gun Control & News

  • U.S. Army wants smarter gun technology.
  • ATF data reveals potential gun trafficking hubs.
  • MLB Umpire threatens civil war with an AR15.
  • Stop Handgun Violence pushes common sense laws.
  • A shooting in Roxbury left two injured and one dead.
  • A class action lawsuit was filed against Kroger for a store shooting in Kentucky.
  • In Oklahoma, school hoax threats cost the community.
  • A year later, remembering the Tree of Life victims.
  • A deadly shooting at a Texas A&M college party.
  • In a turn of events, the NRA calls its’ own video network racist.



Please Act Now!

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