6th Annual Concert Across America a success!

Thanks to all who gave to the 2021 Concert Across America! Watch the videos at In the News: Third Sandy Hook parent wins defamation suit against Alex Jones. Parkland shooter will plead guilty to 17 murders. Los Angeles Police Department reports a 400% increase in ghost guns. As suspected, Trump extremists brought guns to the Capitol on January 6th. New Mexico among 10

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Domestic Violence Awareness

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month When an abuser has access to a gun, a domestic violence victim is 5 times more likely to be killed. Get more facts: Giffords Law Center   Extreme Risk Protection Orders can be a safety planning tool for advocates working with survivors of domestic violence who are worried about their

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Smith & Wesson to stop manufacture of assault weapons in MA

News of the Week: Smith & Wesson CEO says gun legislation that we filed forced a move away from Springfield This spring, we worked with our legislative partners to file a bill to prohibit the manufacture of assault weapons for civilian use in Massachusetts. The Commonwealth already prohibits the sale of these weapons in our state and the bill was

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Stop Handgun Violence Statement on Smith and Wesson Moving Headquarters to Tennessee

Stop Handgun Violence (SHV), a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization committed to preventing gun violence, reacts to Smith and Wesson’s announcement that it will move operations from Springfield, MA to Tennessee due to pending legislation that would ban the manufacture in Massachusetts of assault weapons that cannot be legally sold in the Commonwealth. “We’re not surprised by

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Tragic news out of Tennesee

Gun Violence is National Epidemic. Yesterday the 517th mass shooting of 2021 took place in a Kroger Grocery Store in Tennessee. One person was murdered and thirteen others were shot. The shooter took their own life and police continue to investigate the motive. The time for federal laws that protect all Americans is now. Tell your Senators

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Understanding the relationship of guns and suicide.

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month “There are more suicides where there are more guns. Understanding this relationship can help inform effective suicide prevention strategies.” ~ VPC Executive Director Josh Sugarman 58% of gun deaths in Massachusetts are suicides. The Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) is a tool to prevent suicides.   In Other News: A

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Never Forget 9/11

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Today we remember the nearly 3,000 victims of the attacks, including the 87 individuals who left from Boston Logan Airport on American Airlines Flight 11. Our hearts are with those in our community who lost someone that day. Pictured is the 9/11 memorial billboard that Stop Handgun Violence

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CDC Director speaks out on gun violence

For the first time in decades, the director of the CDC – the nation’s top public health agency – is speaking out forcefully about gun violence in America, calling it a “serious public health threat.”   In Other News: A Winthrop, MA case raises the question, should you know if your neighbor owns a gun? 14-year old in Danbury,

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Holding the Gun Industry Accountable

Since 2014, there have been over 800 firearm homicides in Massachusetts. Nationally, during the same time period, there are almost 120,000 firearm homicide victims. Despite this massive loss of life, the gun industry has rarely been held accountable for creating and marketing these weapons. However, recent legal actions indicate that the tide is turning. A brighter future

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New Billboard in Springfield

New billboards designed by Manuel Oliver of Change the Ref are located in East Springfield, Rt 291. Stop Handgun Violence in the News: Mass Live: Father of slain Parkland teen designs billboard that overlooks the Smith & Wesson factory in Springfield  WWLP Channel 22: Billboards near Smith and Wesson display reminder of gun violence Western Mass News: Parkland

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