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BOSTON GLOBE OPINION If there’s a will, there’s a way to stop mass shootings (7/14/2022)

A law like Massachusetts has would probably have kept the Highland Park shooting suspect from getting his weapons.

EAGLE TRIBUNE Gun Owners aim to loosen firearm rules (7/8/2022)

[John] Rosenthal said there is “nothing” in the Supreme Court’s decision that licensing authorities can’t use “objective standards or discretion; it’s a grandstanding measure.”

SALEM NEWS Big gap between Mass., NH gun laws (7/4/2022)


Jim Braude interviews John Rosenthal 6/27/2022

NEW YORK TIMES Supreme Court puts gun rights above human life (6/25/2022)

BOSTON GLOBE Even after the Supreme Court decision, Massachusetts gun laws may be safe for now (6/23/2022) 

READERS DIGEST What are commonsense gun laws and how can they save lives? (6/13/2022)

[In Massachusetts] we require accountability and responsibility from gun owners, dealers, manufacturers, and law enforcement. We simply treat inherently dangerous firearms like inherently dangerous automobiles: If you want to use them, you have to be responsible.

BOSTON HERALD Massachusetts gun reform advocates react to guns deal (6/13/2022)

A good starting point, but doesn’t go far enough.

THE SCOPE Advocates rally for gun reform at Christopher Columbus Park (6/13/2022) 

MFOL Boston worked with local organizations to organize the march, such as the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence and Stop Handgun Violence. Gemmel said the organizers held daily Zoom meetings as they finalized details for the harbor-front march.

BOSTON GLOBE Like Moving Deck Chairs on the Titanic (6/12/2022)

The proposals fall far short of what is needed to stop mass shootings. ~John Rosenthal

WGBH PODCAST John Rosenthal on America’s Gun Violence (6/10/2022)

Who’s the Senate listening to..American people or NRA?? John Rosenthal shares significant polling: 90% support background checks & 70% a ban on military-style weapons.

 CHELSEA RECORD Goldberg Urges Legislature To Include Gun Divestment in Supplemental Budget (6/9/2022)

Stop Handgun Violence, is currently supporting legislation in alignment with Treasurer Goldberg’s gun divestment initiative that prohibits the manufacturing of assault weapons in Massachusetts. The sale and ownership of the same weapons is currently banned in the Commonwealth. However, assault weapons continue to be manufactured in Massachusetts and sold in other states making mass shootings more prevalent across the country.

BOSTON GLOBE “Provocative New Ad Campaign Highlights Strict Hunting Rules (6/8/2022)

WASHINGTON POST “6 Solutions to Gun Violence that could work” by John Rosenthal (6/5/2022):

ALL solutions that we’ve implemented in urban MA that have contributed to our 40% reduction in the rate of gun deaths in the Commonwealth since 1994 and lowest gun death rate in the Nation behind isolated Hawaii.

U.S. Struggles with Wave of Gun Violence 6/2/2022

Our founder, John Rosenthal, is interviewed to respond to yesterday’s mass shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma at a hospital.


Gun Violence Awareness Month #WearOrange (June 2022)

  • In Gloucester, John Rosenthal speaks passionately of recent mass shootings at City Hall to recognize National Wear Orange Day.
  • In Springfield, John Rosenthal joins Senator Ed Markey for a press conference outside of Smith & Wesson.
  • In Worcester, John Rosenthal is a guest speaker at the Democratic State Convention.

“Another sad day in America-the gun violence capital of the World. Shame on Republicans in Congress and State Houses and shame on us adults for allowing them to get away with murder at the rate of over 100 gun deaths, 150 injuries and a mass shooting of four or more people every day over the past 3 years. Over 1.5 million Americans have been killed by unregulated and unrestricted access to guns since 1975. A million dead just since we built the big billboard on the Mass Pike in 1994. More Americans have been killed by guns in the US than all US service men and women killed in all foreign wars combined. There will be 100 more dead and at least another mass shooting today.

Yesterday’s massacre of 19 elementary school children in Texas will change nothing until we vote the spineless Republicans responsible for this carnage and who choose blood money campaign contributions from the uniquely unregulated gun industry over our blood and lives, out of office.

God can’t help us. Only we can save ourselves and our children. We just have to care enough and commit to changing this uniquely American man-made manufactured crisis.”

  • In Gloucester, John Rosenthal is invited to speak at the West Gloucester Trinitarian Congregational Church on the epidemic of gun violence.

Stop Handgun Violence interviews on Uvalde school shooting:

  • Opinion editorial piece written by David Hogg and John Rosenthal: When it comes to gun control, our children are Generation Abandoned

  • After mass shooting at Texas school, a look at the state of the gun lobby- Boston Globe
  • Texas school shooting prompts local districts to increase school presence – WBZ Boston
  • Families mourn children gunned down in TX school shooting – Aljazeera
  • TX school shooting prompts local districts to increase patrols – Newsbreak
  • The Killing We Continue to Fail to Stop – B.U. School of Public Health
  • Texas massacre revives debate over gun control – Eagle Tribune
  • Changing federal gun laws could still prove to be difficult after Texas school shooting – WCVB
  • Growing calls to address gun violence – NBC10 Boston
  • After Uvalde shooting, John Rosenthal seeks new home for Boston’s famous gun-control billboard – Boston Biz Journal
  • Groups Dedicated to Stopping Gun Violence Deplore Uvalde Massacre – Mass Nonprofit News
  • Podcast interview with John Rosenthal on gun violence tragedy –Jeff Santos Show
  • “Republicans are owned by them”: Gun Lobby unmoved despite mass shootings – Boston Globe
  • Advocates hope TX shootings will build momentum to ban the manufacture of assault weapons already illegal in MA  – Boston Globe 


NBC BOSTON 10 New study shows unsettling rise in guns carried by white teens across America, except Massachusetts (4/26/2022)

John Rosenthal cites the reasons why Massachusetts has the lowest gun death rate in contiguous United States.

John Rosenthal is featured on Jimmy Tingle’s
“Humor for Humanity” podcast 
Stop Handgun Violence live interview with Arise News, an international news outlet (4/14/2022)


John Rosenthal responds to the Brooklyn mass shooting on ABCLive (4/13/2022)
Jim Braude brings our founder John Rosenthal and David Hogg co-founder March For Our Lives to discuss lobbying Congress to pass gun reform legislation.

(Interview begins at 10:25)



BOSTON 25 NEWS Mass. License to Carry gun permit applications reach four-year high (2/17/2022)

“One of the things that definitely drives up sales of guns is fear. We often see a spike in gun sales when a democrat is elected to the White House, just like when we see a spike in gun sales when there are very high profile mass shootings.”

THE BOSTON GLOBE With verdict behind him, Kyle Rittenhouse is killing it (11/22/2021)

“What does it say that we put more limits on police officers than we do on teenage idiots walking around with military-style assault rifles?” [John] Rosenthal said. 

GLOUCESTER TIMES Moulton to present the Gomes Service Award (10/5/2021)

John Rosenthal was graciously nominated by Matt Nugent as a champion for social justice and co-founded Stop Handgun Violence with Michael Kennedy in 1995.



Media mentions on new billboards collaborated with Change the Ref and SHV in Springfield, MA (8/4/2021):


State Police identify eight of 11 males arrested after armed standoff in Wakefield (7/4/21)

Congress needs to enact laws that require background checks and licensing and restrict the sale and ownership of military style assault weapons that are clearly meant for war and to cause mass harm to innocent citizens,”  John Rosenthal said (in press statement).

Rallying Against Gun Violence (6/4/21)

Their dress may have been different but their message was the same: More must be done to prevent to  gun violence – from suicides to accidental shootings and murders.

Various media mentions after SHV press announcement “An Act to Prevent Mass Shootings” bill filed on 4/20/2021:




What’s Behind Congress Unwillingness to Respond to Mass Shootings (4/16/21)


As Advocates Push For Gun Control, Business Is Booming For Springfield’s Smith & Wesson (4/16/21)

John Rosenthal is backing a proposal that would take the state’s assault weapons ban a step further: Not only would it be illegal to own these weapons in Massachusetts, it would also bar gun makers like Smith & Wesson from shipping them to private citizens in other states.

                         Stop Handgun Violence Co-Founder On New Push For Gun Control From Biden White House (3/29/21)

After two back-to-back mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder left a total of 18 people dead, Congress is once again debating gun control proposals — including measures like expanded background checks that the overwhelming majority of voters support. John Rosenthal joined Jim Braude to discuss.


Massachusetts proves that we don’t have to live with mass shootings (3/24/21)

“None of the things we’ve done cause any inconvenience to responsible gun owners,” Rosenthal said. “But they don’t give unrestricted access to guns to people who can’t pass background checks or who want to kill a lot of people quickly.”


Lawmakers Rehash Old Arguments About Gun Control After Colorado, Georgia Shootings (3/24/21)

Rosenthal says it’s naïve to think that the latest horror shows will break the gun control gridlock. “It didn’t change after 558 people were shot in a matter of minutes in Las Vegas,”


As Massachusetts shows, strong gun-safety laws work (2/26/21)

“Here’s the trifecta: The gun industry in Massachusetts sells more guns nationally than are manufactured in any other state, and yet we have the lowest per capita gun-death rate in the nation and the lowest per capita costs from gun injuries and death in the nation.”


Reducing the Cost of Gun Violence (2/25/21)

PHPod cast interviews John Rosenthal, co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence. He details the impact of Massachusetts’ success with public policy on gun control and the choices officials must make to replicate that success nationwide.

As Biden pushes for gun reforms, Massachusetts advocates say state is ‘model’ for reducing gun violence (2/16/21)

“We are an urban state with the most effective gun laws and first in the nation consumer protection regulations for the gun industry and once again we have the LOWEST gun death rate in the Nation,”

Individual Gun Ownership Is Not at Stake in This Election(9/8/2020)


“This election is the most important election in recent history if you care about gun safety and every other social justice issue facing our country. Private gun ownership for responsible citizens will remain unchanged, but lives can be saved or lost with this vote. Americans must ask every candidate their position on gun safety when they vote this November.”

Father of teenager killed in school shooting designs billboard with bracing message. (8/11/2020)

Help us spread Joaquin’s message – get your #VOTEFORUS bumper sticker here.

Expungement measure seen as way to tackle systemic racism  (7/21/2020)

Over 90 organizations, including Stop Handgun Violence, sent in a letter urging representatives to agree to the expungement law expansion.


Gun Safety-Certified in the News (2/13/2020)

Parkland victims launch new corporate symbol:


Gun Violence Survivor Week (2/6/2020)

Stop Handgun Violence Board Member Gail Erdos shared her story about her co-worker and friend, Shannon Lowney, with Congresswoman Katherine Clark.


Gun Control Redux (1/31/2020)

“Stop Handgun Violence helped Warren draft the bill, said the bill is based on Massachusetts’ successful gun laws.”

Scorecard Grades Retailers on In Store Gun Safety Policies 12/10/19

The mark, developed by Manuel Oliver of Change The Ref and Stop Handgun Violence, is a symbol for brands and businesses to use to show their support for gun safety and push other corporations to do better.

  Gun Activist at milestone (10/29/2019)

Stop Handgun Violence recognizes local partners and leadership at 25th anniversary event.


 Still at it after 25 years (10/24/2019)

25 years of advocating for gun law reform.


25 years of Advocacy 10/16/19




Stop Handgun Violence Organization Marks 25 Years Of Activism 10/15/19

Jim & Margery interviews Stop Handgun Violence on the 25 years of gun reform in Massachusetts.


Targeted: Inside the gun lobby’s fight to save assault weapons in Canada 9/22/19


Democratic Dialogue with John Rosenthal 9/3/2019

Stop Handgun Violence co-founder offers his take on gun reform laws in Massachusetts.


Gun Policy Debate Fires Up in Legislative Hearing 8/28/2019

Stop Handgun Violence gives testimony in support of gun reform bills at the Public Safety Committee hearing. A list of specific bills we support can be read here.

Tougher Gun Laws Pushed for Mass. (8/23/19)

“We’ve proven to be the NRA’s worst nightmare and we can’t afford to cede any ground in this fight.”

Will the Politics on Gun Control Shift This Time? (8/14/19)

Jim Braude discusses expanded background checks with John Rosenthal, gun owner and co-founder of Stop Handgun Violence.


It’s Too Late to Ban Assault Weapons (8/9/2019)

Stop Handgun Violence reviews the MA model of gun law reform.


Two mass shootings, in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, shock nation (8/4/19)


“Many people were shot this weekend in two mass shootings.. The White House and Congress will do nothing.”

 Survivors of Gun Violence: A life of Pain and Deep Wounds That Don’t Heal (7/29/19)


“For every gun death, there’s roughly two to three times more [gun-related] injuries,”

Forged in pain, new Mass. General gun violence center aims at prevention 6/9/19)

“As a result of our effective gun laws and regulations, Massachusetts is a model for the nation. Who better than MGH to research and promote evidence-based public health policies that reduce gun violence?”

 Stop Handgun Violence Campaigns Against 3D Weapons (5/6/2019)


Haunting gun violence prevention spot aims to ban 3D printed firearms (5/3/2019)

“These firearms pose a huge risk to public safety and we need our elected officials to take swift action to stem the flow of these dangerous and completely unregulated weapons.”


 Proposed bill targeting gun, drug traffickers with stiffer penalties (5/3/2019)

“Since we already have strong gun trafficking laws I think we need to strengthen other gun laws,” (John) Rosenthal said. “Massachusetts gun trafficking laws are already dramatically stronger than the federal law.”

Man teams up with his son’s killer to make a documentary about gun violence (4/30/2019)

Stop Handgun Violence participates in screening Greg Gibson’s short film at the State House with legislators, advocates, activists and survivors.


Parkland Parent Brings Art Honoring Son To Youth Gun Violence Summit In Boston (3/18/2019)

High school and college students from around New England came to the weekend summit, hosted by the B.U. School of Public Health and sponsored by Stop Handgun Violence and March for Our Lives: Boston.

 The Boston Neighborhood Network News (3/18/2019)

Watch the first 2.5 minutes for coverage of the GVP Student Summit and includes an interview with Stop Handgun Violence.

“(Gun Violence) has to be acknowledged as public health issue. 40,000 Americans are dying each year, including suicides and homicides.”

Commonwealth Leaders, Advocates Tackle Gun Violence (3/13/2019)

Panelists, including Stop Handgun Violence, examined the steps and strategies that MA policymakers and activists have passed to lead the nation in sensible gun policies.

”We’re an urban state with the lowest gun death rate in the nation, and we’ve proven the NRA’s worst nightmare—that gun laws save lives and you don’t have to ban most guns in order to do it.”

SPH and Guns  (2/27/2019)

From March 15 to 17, the Activist Lab will co-host the Gun Violence Prevention Regional Student Summit with Stop Handgun Violence and March for Our Lives: Boston. The summit is part of a nationwide, multi-location event gathering high-school students, advocates, policymakers, and researchers to continue activism around guns one year after the March for Our Lives.

Police confiscating weapons under ‘red flag’ law (2/25/19)

“As awareness of this law continues to spread, we expect more people will come to understand its purpose and use it,” said John Rosenthal of  Stop Handgun Violence and a Gloucester resident. “But the fact that people are already using it is a great sign. It means that lives have potentially been saved.”

A Year After Parkland shooting, a sign of hope (2/13/19)

A Back Bay billboard sponsored by the locally based Stop Handgun Violence and unveiled last November makes the point. “If I had attended high school in Massachusetts instead of Parkland, Florida, I would likely be alive today.” Beside it is a photo of Joaquin Oliver, who was among those killed that day.


Parkland Anniversary: How a shooting impacted local organizations (2/14/2019)

Watch John Rosenthal of SHV share his view as a gun owner on gun laws in Massachusetts.

Our son, killed in the Parkland massacre, is an eternal activist (2/13/19)

Manuel and Patricia Oliver speak about their partnership with Stop Handgun Violence.

“We learned that if Florida had enacted the same gun laws that Massachusetts has, our son would likely be alive today. So we partnered with Boston-based Stop Handgun Violence to install a billboard in Boston’s Back Bay with a picture of our son and the words: “If I had attended high school in Massachusetts rather than Parkland Florida, I would likely be alive today.” In fact, if every state had the same firearm fatality rate as Massachusetts, over 27,000 lives lost nationally each year would be saved.”

Training students to patch up classmates’ gunshot wounds sends message: Kids, you’re on your own (12/18/18)

John Rosenthal doesn’t mince words on the inaction of Congress response to school shootings.

“No background checks for all gun sales and no prohibition on military style assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines, the weapons of choice for school and mass shooters. Instead, teach kids how to stop the bleeding and save themselves from mass shootings because Congress and most legislatures won’t – this is a sick public policy.”

Massachusetts is leading the way on gun safety, but we can’t do it alone (12/13/18)

Massachusetts House Speaker DeLeo op-editorial piece on MA gun law reform.

“We’ve talked to a range of voices over the years, including John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence, educators, citizens, business people, doctors and surgeons, and sheriffs and law enforcement officials from across the state.”

Jeff Santos interviews John Rosenthal starting at 24.10 on the gun violence epidemic in our country (11/18/2018)


The Jeff Santos Show: Episode 7

Beacon Hill Roll Call Report (11/16/18)

John Rosenthal counters Jim Wallace, head of GOAL, false claim on gun laws in Massachusetts.

“Once again the special interest gun lobby is shamelessly misrepresenting the indisputable facts about Massachusetts’ most effective gun laws and lowest gun death rate in the entire Nation. GOAL dishonestly cherry picks homicide rates only and ignores suicides, accidents and the total number of all gun related deaths in Massachusetts.”

Hundreds Gather for Gala Honoring Those Changing the World (11/2/18)

SHV founder, John Rosenthal is honored with the BUSPH Beyond Health Award. 

Billboard Affirms Value of Massachusetts Gun Laws (11/1/18)

Watch John Rosenthal and Manuel Oliver explain the necessity of the new billboard message in light of mass shootings and daily gun violence in America.


Billboard pushes for gun control in Florida (11/1/18)

Stop Handgun Violence and Change The Ref bring attention to gun laws in Florida and Massachusetts.

“They did not know that Massachusetts has the most effective fun laws and the lowest gun-related death rates. It dawned on Manny (Oliver) that if the same gun laws were in effect in Florida, his son would likely be alive today.”


New Billboard In Boston Featuring A Parkland Victim Takes On Gun Laws In Florida (11/1/18)

Watch John Rosenthal and Manuel Oliver share  their message on the reality and impact of the new billboard unveiled in Boston by Stop Handgun Violence and Change The Ref.


Provocative Gun Control Billboard in Boston features Parkland shooting victim, Joaquin Oliver (11/1/18)

Stop Handgun Violence new billboard highlights Massachusetts strong gun laws.

“The new billboard is part of a campaign to urge other states and the federal government to adopt the type of strict gun laws that exist in Massachusetts.”

Stop Handgun Violence Founder Speaks on Mass Shootings (10/30/18)

Watch John Rosenthal respond to the ongoing gun violence and recent mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania.


Massachusetts Takes Shot at Florida Gun Laws (10/29/18)

Stop Handgun Violence new billboard makes a direct comparison between MA and FL gun laws.

“The billboard aims to compare the effective gun laws in Massachusetts with the lax dangerous gun laws in Florida, particularly Florida’s lack of criminal background checks as well as unregulated and unrestricted access to assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines,”

Healey’s GOP Rival Focused on Gun Control (10/5/18)

John Rosenthal admires Maura Healey’s advocacy for gun violence prevention.

“Maura Healey is a courageous leader who has stood up to the gun lobby and the gun makers,” said Gloucester resident John Rosenthal, a longtime gun control advocate and co-founder of the group Stop Handgun Violence, which also doesn’t endorse candidates. “We have the least amount of gun deaths of any state in the country, and I would argue that that’s directly attributable to her work as attorney general.”

Gun Control Bill Driven by Recent Grad Becomes Mass. Law (10/1/18)

Stop Handgun Violence commends The Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO) law.

“It’s just common sense for family members who know their relations the best to be able to petition a court to remove a gun if the person is a risk to themselves or others,” he said.

Rosenthal said that his advocacy for the bill included speaking with House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and introducing him to people affected personally by gun violence. “I have a close relationship with the House Speaker, and I was very involved with getting him to move on this bill,” Rosenthal said. “I introduced him to students from Parkland and other areas from the country where mass shootings have happened, and largely by people who were known, either to the authorities, and certainly known to have problems by their families.

Lowell police crack down on illegal guns, irresponsible owners (9/23/18)

John Rosenthal remarks on responsible gun ownership and illegal guns.

Massachusetts has the most effective guns laws in the nation, said John Rosenthal, the founder of Stop Handgun Violence. However, this recent incident in Lowell is “no surprise” because illegal guns come in from out of state, as well as people violating the safe-storage requirement, he said.

“I’m a gun owner, and my gun is stored safely,” Rosenthal said. “It’s critical that parents lock up their firearms to reduce access for kids. There’s no reason an 11-year-old should have access to a firearm. It’s easy to transport illegal guns from other states to Massachusetts, Rosenthal said. It’s crucial that the nation’s gun laws become tougher to prevent that”, he added.

Students March On Smith & Wesson To Demand Accountability On Gun Violence (8/24/18)

John Rosenthal encouraged by latest student activism for gun violence prevention.

“I would love to see the state legislature and governor try to enact legislation that basically says you can’t make and distribute weapons in Massachusetts that are illegal in Massachusetts,” said John Rosenthal, founder of the Massachusetts-based nonprofit Stop Handgun Violence, which is offering resources and logistical support for the march.

Rosenthal has been heavily involved in the gun reform movement since 1994, and he acknowledged that there’s been very little buy-in from firearms manufacturers on gun violence issues over that time period. The National Rifle Association and other gun lobby forces have effectively blacklisted companies ― including Smith & Wesson ― when their executives have shown a willingness to pursue safety initiatives like “smart gun” technology, which is meant to prevent anyone but a firearm’s owner from shooting the weapon.

But with a new generation of youth leadership at the helm, Rosenthal said the winds may finally be starting to shift. “These kids are doing what we did in the ’60s and ’70s with the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement,” he said. “It’s the most encouraging, hopeful thing I’ve seen in 25 years of gun violence prevention activism.”

Mass. Teens Lead a Gun Reform March to Smith & Wesson in Springfield (8/21/18)

Stop Handgun Violence collaborates with local student activists for 50 Miles More.

This week’s protest is a collaboration with the local nonprofit Stop Handgun Violence and March for Our Lives: Boston, as well as with 50 Miles More, a national organization founded in the wake of the massive protests in March as a way of keeping the issue in the spotlight. The national group has called for a ban on “military-style weapons,” bump stocks, and people under 21, along with mandatory background checks and a four-day waiting period for gall gun sales.

50 Miles More: Students to march from Worcester to Springfield with a message for Smith & Wesson (8/22/18)

Stop Handgun Violence has a glimmer of optimism in recent activism for gun violence prevention among the student movement post Parkland.

The activist (John Rosenthal) owns guns and enjoys skeet shooting, but is firm on his opposition to assault-style weapons. After 2.5 decades working against gun violence, Rosenthal said he has seen the problem grow worse on a national level. “What I do know is the student movement, the March for Our Lives movement, if sustainable, will change Congress; Rosenthal said. There will be 3-4 million new voters this November who may just vote on this issue. It may become a single-voter issue, just like gun rights.”

Boston Public Radio – with John Rosenthal /Jim Braude and Margery Egan (8/16/18)

Start the audio at 28.00 to hear a BPR segment with Stop Handgun Violence about the 50 Miles More student-led march across Massachusetts to protest gun violence.

“The Parkland students started March for Our Lives to bring sane gun laws to our country… I’m hopeful students will continue their efforts and activism in gun violence prevention…and I am glad March for our Lives kids and Parkland survivors are coming to Massachusetts to call on Smith & Wesson to participate in the solution instead of manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.”

Editorial: State must approve ‘red flag’ gun law (6/12/18)

Stop Handgun Violence advocates for the extreme risk protective order bill.

“We are extremely proud of the gun laws we currently have in Massachusetts, but we know that there is still more we can do to protect public safety here,” said John Rosenthal, a founder of the nonprofit Stop Handgun Violence, an advocate for the “red flag” legislation. “The extreme risk protection order bill empowers families and law enforcement to take action when a close relation is in crisis, while preserving the individual’s right to due process.

“While police already have broad discretion in firearms licensing in Massachusetts, the ERPO bill provides a critical immediate tool for families … to protect loved ones and public safety.”

Mass. Lawmakers Once Again Take On NRA In Push To Pass ‘Red Flag’ Law (4/13/18)

John Rosenthal speaks out against the gun lobby using mental health as a ploy to shift the conversation away from guns.

“Every country has mentally ill people,” he said. “We just happen to be the only country that arms them with easily concealed handguns and large capacity ammunition magazines capable of mass shootings. The common denominator in shootings is the firearm.”

This is the Toughest Gun Law in America 5/6/18.

“Gun violence is usually local, among people who know each other,” John Rosenthal, co-founder of the organization Stop Handgun Violence and a longtime advocate for tighter gun laws, said in an interview with HuffPost. “Who better than the local police chief to issue renewable licenses and be able to have that discretion every six years?”

Students, parents across Massachusetts lead anti-gun town halls (4/7/18)

Stop Handgun Violence partnered with March for our Lives for Town Hall for Our Lives.

The local events were organized by creators of the recent March for Our Lives in Boston and the group Stop Handgun Violence. Democratic U.S. Reps. Katherine Clark and Jim McGovern were among the officials who participated.

Next Step For March For Our Lives? Town Halls Across MA(4/4/18)

Stop Handgun Violence is a proud partner of  the Town Hall for Our Lives effort.

“Like other student movements, including the fight for civil rights and an end to the war in Vietnam, a passionate student movement to end preventable gun violence is exactly what is needed to hold elected officials accountable and change state and national gun laws. We are proud to support their events and we hope that together we will save lives and create lasting change,” he said.

Boston nonprofit creates tool kit to help student activists stop gun  violence (3/21/18)

Stop Handgun Violence commits to gun violence prevention advocacy.

“This tool kit is intended to be a roadmap for students and anyone interested in getting actively involved in helping reduce firearm injuries and deaths in your home state,” the organization wrote on its website. “We hope that our step-by-step guide helps you educate yourself and others in order to save lives and make your community safer, just as we have successfully done in our home state of Massachusetts which has effective gun laws and the lowest rate of gun deaths in the nation.”

The Capital of America’s Gun Industry Hates Guns (3/9/18)

John Rosenthal shared his reflection on Smith & Wesson in Massachusetts.

“The contradiction is striking,” said John Rosenthal, a gun owner and founder of Stop Handgun Violence in Massachusetts. “We couldn’t be more proud of the results of our gun laws, and we couldn’t be more embarrassed that Massachusetts gun makers are wreaking havoc across the nation.”

Mass. Residents Voice Desire for Stronger Gun Control (2/16/18)

John Rosenthal gave his thoughts on gun control after the Parkland shooting.

What many feel has been a lack of action by lawmakers have led some to wonder what it will take to spark tighter gun control. “I thought it might take 500 people. 500 people were shot in Las Vegas. Is it going to take thousands at one time? Maybe it will,” said John Rosenthal, the founder of Stop Handgun violence.

Guest Column: Congress has blood on their hands / by John Rosenthal (12/10/17)

Stop Handgun Violence founder John Rosenthal penned an op-ed in The Attleboro Sun Chronicle about Congress’ recent vote on concealed carry reciprocity. He did not mince words.

“The House bill confirms that Congress will continue to undermine state laws that are proven to save lives simply to placate their gun industry benefactors, whose only interest is to increase violence and fear as a way to increase gun sales, and therefore increase campaign contributions.

Ultimately, Congress is culpable for the dangerous and nonsensical gun policies that make daily mass shootings inevitable, leaving an average of 100 Americans dead and over 200 injured from gun violence every day in the US. 158,000 Americans have died since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 and over 1 million since 1980.

Congress has blood on its hands; this epidemic will only get worse with the passage of this bill.

We are beyond disappointed in the House for passing this reckless legislation and we will do everything in our power to stop it from proceeding in the Senate.”

Bill would force Mass. to honor concealed-gun permits from other states / by Martin Finucane (12/7/17)

Boston Globe coverage of concealed carry reciprocity, the most dangerous gun legislation to pass the US House of Representatives in over a century. Massachusetts leaders on both sides of the political spectrum condemned the decision, including our founder John Rosenthal.

“John Rosenthal, cofounder of Stop Handgun Violence, a leading gun control group in Massachusetts, noted that the bill is being brought forward after the horrific massacres at a concert in Las Vegas and at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

‘Congress continues to undermine effective and proven state gun laws that save lives, simply to placate their gun industry benefactors whose only concern is to increase gun violence, fear, gun sales and campaign contributions,’ he said in a statement.”

Massachusetts gun control group probes US leadership with controversial RSVP / by Ludi Wang (12/6/17)

Continuing coverage of the graphic invitation and RSVP that we sent to Congress and President Trump, from Boston University’s Independent Student Newspaper The Daily Free Press.

“They [have to] see the actual people and bodies that are … indistinguishable as a result of their choice to pick blood money campaign contributions from the special interest [National Rifle Association] and gun industry versus public health and safety,” Rosenthal said. “They need to see the results of those consequences.”

Although comprehensive gun laws exist in states like Massachusetts, the choice of elected officials elsewhere to ignore the issue of gun control places citizens everywhere at risk, Rosenthal said.

“We border Maine, New Hampshire, [and] Vermont [which] allow AR-15 assault rifles in large capacity, [and] ammunition magazines in concealed handguns to be purchased without an ID or background check,” Rosenthal said. “And they are just an hour away.”

Boston Public Radio – with John Rosenthal / Jim Braude and Margery Eagan (12/5/17)

Start the audio at 2:01:50 to hear John Rosenthal talk with BPR about Concealed Carry Reciprocity and our graphic Congressional invite campaign!

We are the gun lobby’s worst nightmare in Massachusetts. Why? Because we have proven that gun laws save lives. And because we’ve proven that, we’ve reduced fear, and reducing fear reduces gun sales. This is why the NRA is after us.

Boston-based gun reform group sends graphic ‘RSVP’ / by Travis Andersen (12/3/17)

The Boston Globe’s Travis Andersen got the scoop on our mailing campaign to Congress. We’ve become numb to mass shootings in America, so we sent Trump and Congress a wake-up call. Click here to see the GRAPHIC invitation.

Stop Handgun Violence on Friday mailed fliers, fashioned as invitations, with photos of mass shooting victims to the White House and nearly 300 members of Congress who “vote with the NRA every time,” said the organization’s co-founder, John Rosenthal, in a phone interview late last week.


Gun safety group sends lawmakers fliers with images from Las Vegas shooting / by Rebecca Savransky (12/4/17)

We were so glad to see that The Hill covered the invitation we sent to Trump and Congress. This means the DC Swamp will definitely get our message, one way or another. We also sent out this tweet so you can retweet it and tag other politicians who you think need to see the consequences of their inaction on gun safety.

A gun control group sent fliers to the White House and members of Congress with graphic images from the mass shooting earlier this year in Las Vegas.

The fliers — sent by the Massachusetts-based gun control group Stop Handgun Violence — invite recipients to “wipe the blood off your hands and end mass shootings.”

Editorial: Silence not golden / by Boston Herald Editorial Staff (11/18/17)

The Boston Herald Editorial staff published a piece opposing the removal of a ban on private possession of silencers in Massachusetts, citing testimony from Stop Handgun Violence founder John Rosenthal.

“John Rosenthal, founder of the nonprofit Stop Handgun Violence, told the committee, ‘Don’t be fooled by thinking that somehow the silencer bill is a hearing protection act. It is not.’

‘I can tell you as a gun owner who has hunted, nobody hunts or shoots at a range without hearing protection. It’s a fraud being played on you guys and across the country,’ he added.

And then, of course, there was the testimony of the head of American Suppressor Association who insisted the use of silencers was subject to ‘common misconceptions,’ adding in fact the shots can still sound as loud as a jackhammer.

Now, silly us, but doesn’t that beg the question about why anyone would need one in the first place?

They would clearly make hunting more dangerous for non-hunters and their possible use in urban hunting grounds would be even more horrifying. If ever there were a step backward the state did not need to take, this is it.”

Texas shooting and gun control politics / The Take with Sue O’Connell (11/8/17)

John Rosenthal, founder of Stop Handgun Violence, reacts to the shooting in Texas and calls for a boycott of Shaw’s, Star Market, Osco, and Steward Health over their ties to the gun industry.

“You have to go through major gyrations…to figure out what you’re investing in, but in the case of guns it’s even harder. And the grandaddy of them all is Cerberus Capital Management… it’s a Wall Street equity firm that owns Bushmaster assault rifles, owns 20% of the entire gun industry, gives the most money to the NRA and members of Congress that support their extreme policies. They own Shaw’s Markets, Star Market, Osco Drug, and believe or not the third largest employer in Massachusetts: St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Steward Healthcare… That company… should be boycotted out of business.”

 Numbers show gun control laws are working / by Erin Tiernan (10/13/17) 

In states with stricter gun laws, fewer people are dying. Features extensive interview with Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal.

“The NRA wants undetected access to guns for criminals because more unrestricted access to guns by criminals creates more gun violence. More gun violence creates more fear, and more fear especially like that after Sandy Hook, Pulse, and Las Vegas, creates more gun sales.”

 Massachusetts Has Become ‘the NRA’s Worst Nightmare’ / by Eleanor Clift (10/9/17)

Want proof that tighter gun laws work, and that mostly Republican governors and Democratic legislators can work together to buck the NRA and pass them? Check out Massachusetts, where gun deaths are down 60 percent since 1994.

U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal talk about the effectiveness of gun laws in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and tell the SHV origin story.

“We’ve become the NRA’s worst nightmare,” says Rosenthal. “We’re an urban industrial state with the most effective gun laws, and we’ve reduced the rate of gun deaths.”

Irish-American politician says Massachusetts proves gun control moves work / by James Wilson (10/11/17)

Continuing the work done in the Daily Beast, Irish Central tells the SHV origin story and quotes co-founder John Rosenthal.

In true blue Massachusetts the Republicans’ triumph in the 1994 elections galvanized gun control advocates and the Stop Handgun Violence (SHV) campaign was founded by businessman John Rosenthal and the late Michael Kennedy, whose father, RFK, and uncle, JFK, are the two most famous victims of gun crime since Lincoln. For the next four years the SHV campaign spearheaded a media and public education effort that culminated in the Massachusetts Gun Control Act of 1998.

 Mass. ban on bump stocks on the fast track / by Martin Finucane (10/6/17)

In the wake of the Las Vegas Strip mass shooting, legislators and activists discuss the likelihood of a ban on bump stocks passing in Massachusetts.

“Any restrictions on aftermarket accessories that can be purchased over the Internet without detection to make semiautomatic weapons automatic weapons is a positive step,” said Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal.

Time to Get Serious About Guns / by Scott Mackay (10/6/17)

Rhode Island Public Radio’s political analyst urges state and federal legislators to get tougher on guns.

“We are the NRA’s worst nightmare,” says John Rosenthal, co-founder of Massachusetts-based Stop Handgun Violence. He adds, “We have proven that gun laws work.”

 Make gun safety a state fight, too / by Scot Lehigh (10/3/17)

An examination of past and present attempts to strengthen gun safety laws at the state level. Features quotes from Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal and board member Ben Clements.

“The police chiefs are in a position to know the people in a community who are not suitable to have a gun because of a history of dangerousness, even if it doesn’t include convictions,” noted attorney Ben Clements, a Stop Handgun Violence board member who has successfully defended Massachusetts gun laws in court.

 The Latest on the Las Vegas Shooting / by Dan Rea (10/2/17)

Stop Handgun Violence co-founder John Rosenthal and other distinguished guests speak with Dan Rea on WBZ Radio Nightside about how to prevent mass shootings, amid live updates about the Las Vegas Strip shooting.

“We ask our police to protect us, but we don’t protect them… Police are given 13-17 rounds in their service weapons. Criminals and the dangerously mentally-ill can go to gun shows or private gun dealers and buy 100-round magazines.”

 Chris Pinto and John Rosenthal (10/2/17)


In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, Boston Herald Radio talked to Chris Pinto of Massachusetts Gun Rights and then John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence to get both sides of an issue that really only has one side.

“Our Congress cares more about blood-money campaign contributions than they care about public health and safety from preventable gun violence. This does not happen in other countries, and there are plenty of mentally-ill people all over the world. We just happen to arm them with automatic and semi-automatic weapons of war without detection. And that’s a choice we make.”








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