There’s still time to call your legislator…

November 12, 2019

It’s not too late to call your MA Representative and Senator to tell them you support Crime Gun Data Reporting & Analysis.

Find your MA state legislator here.

Local & State News

  • Springfield youth express their concerns over gun violence.
  • Gabby Giffords is honored at UTEC’s 20 anniversary gala.
  • After a decade, a gun law in Philadelphia is now enforced.
  • Tennessee youth continue conversations on gun violence after headlines fade.
  • Texas collides over gun measures.
  • Virgina elections a result of the General Assembly’s special session on gun violence.
  • University of Virginia cancels 21-gun parade salute because of gun violence trigger.

National Gun Reform & The Gun Industry

  • President Trump abandons ideas to prevent gun violence.
  • Suicide screening by doctors could help stem suicide rate.
  • A Secret Service study showed school attackers exhibited warning signs.
  • A pediatric study reports doctors are less likely to ask about safe gun storage.
  • Supreme Court rules in favor of Newtown victim families.
  • The NRA’s big loss in Virginia explained.
  • The NRA Foundation is raising funds by auctioning off guns in schools.

On Our Calendar

  • Nov 18 (Mon) Gun Violence Panel in Needham.
  • Nov 14 (Thu) Maine Gun Safety Coalition Fitzgerald Award in Portland.
  • Nov 16 (Sat) 91% Screening hosted by Grandmothers Against Gun Violence in Cape Cod.
  • Nov 18 (Mon) MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence quarterly meeting.
  • Nov 22 (Fri) LDB Peace Institute Victims Awareness Month opening ceremony.
  • Dec 11 (Wed) Boston annual vigil to end gun violence.
  • Dec 11 (Wed) Screening Parkland Rising documentary in Brookline.



Please Act Now!

Select the below link to contribute what you can to help us prevent firearm violence through public awareness, sensible legislation and support for law enforcement - without banning guns.