Stop Handgun Violence Advocacy Tool Kit


This Tool Kit is intended to be a road map for students and anyone interested in getting actively involved in helping reduce firearm injuries and deaths in your home state.

We tried to keep this Tool Kit as straightforward and informative as possible. We hope that our step-by-step guide helps you educate yourself and others in order to save lives and make your community safer, just as we have successfully done in our home state of Massachusetts which has effective gun laws and the lowest rate of gun deaths in the Nation.

About Us

Stop Handgun Violence is a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization that works to reduce firearm injuries and deaths through education, public awareness, common sense gun laws and strategic partnerships.

In Massachusetts, Stop Handgun Violence has successfully changed the historically polarized debate between banning guns and unrestricted access to guns, to how can we effectively reduce gun access by dangerous individuals WITHOUT BANNING GUNS. Since 1994 Massachusetts has enacted effective gun violence prevention laws and regulations on a bi-partisan basis and has reduced the rate of gun deaths by 40%. Massachusetts simply treats guns like automobiles by requiring accountability and responsibility on the part of gun owners, dealers, manufacturers and law enforcement. The only guns that are banned in Massachusetts are assault weapons, large capacity ammunition magazines, bump stocks and cheap handguns known as Saturday Night Specials. We have done this by developing effective media and public education campaigns including one of the largest billboards in the nation, which has become a landmark in Boston. Other initiatives include distributing trigger locks, nationwide billboard campaigns, partnerships with educational institutions, local and national businesses, law enforcement and with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice. We have proven that gun laws save lives!

Special thanks to the UMass Emerging Leaders Program for their help in this Tool Kit effort.